Saturday, November 29, 2008

Governor Of Poker - Cheat

Listed below are the steps which you need to follow to Cheat Governor of Poker(GOP).

Download the latest version of Cheat Engine from

Install Cheat Engine.

Start Governor of Poker. Create a New Player. Click on play. Choose difficulty level as Easy(for time being).

Start Cheat Engine. Do a scan. [First button on the top from left]
Select Governor of Poker.exe from the list which pops up and click okay button.
Enter 600 x 8 = 4800 in the Value text box and click on the first scan button.

Here 600 is the Cash which you have.

On the left pane cheat engine displays a set of addresses and values.

Now, go buy the Saloon which costs 200 dollars. Now the cash balance has become 400 dollars i.e 400 x 8 = 3200.

Now check for the value 3200 in the left pane of the cheat engine.

Select that address and click on the copy all selected items to the address list. [red arrow pointing downwards]

Select the listed item on the bottom pane of the cheat engine. Right click on it and select Change record --> Value.

Set the value to a desired value. Say if you want your cash balance to be 10,000 dollars set the value to 10,000 x 8 which is 80,000.

Come back to Governor of Poker, click on map of texas and click on Sansaba.

Now, you can see the cash balance as 10,000 dollars.

Now, you have got more money and you can play any no of games without being busted.
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Governor of Poker